NEO Networking meeting – Belgium

The National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) Algeria is proud to have been a part of the annual NEO Networking Meeting, which took place in Brussels on the 13th and 14th of June, 2023. This esteemed gathering convened representatives from various NEOs, aiming to strengthen ties and exchange valuable insights.

Throughout the two-day event, participants delved into a series of sessions and discussions, focusing on topics ranging from the results and priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme to the intricacies of implementing and monitoring NEO Grant Agreements. The event also served as a platform for NEO Algeria to highlight its achievements, disseminate best practices, and engage in meaningful dialogues with respected counterparts from various regions.

Moreover, the meeting underscored the importance of alumni networks, dedicating sessions to discuss their pivotal role and impact. Regional meetings were also convened, centering on policy considerations, challenges in Erasmus+ promotion, and region-specific implementation strategies.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the organizing committee for facilitating such an insightful and comprehensive event.